constructNET International is dedicated to the belief that by providing premier online educational and training programs as well as products, individual students throughout the world will have the best opportunity to develop and extend their skills and knowledge, for the attainment of a career within the construction and/or trucking industry.

Implicit in this belief is the idea that each student deserves the opportunity to succeed regardless of their specific goal. It is the intention of each leader, staff member and partner within the company to encourage individual success by aggregating some of the very best education, training and professional development programs and content available.

The individuality of its students is respected and their potential is fostered by making each of its programs, courses, services and products available both online and through classroom instruction. The company strives to meet the needs of its students regardless of language, age, race or sex and encourages its students to participate anytime.

constructNET is additionally dedicated to developing, customizing and delivering new offerings not yet available in the industry. It will also assist its partner’s in the enhancement of current products and services. To achieve this vision, the company is willing to leverage its considerable strong working relationships with prominent universities, industry leaders and trade associations.

Our Vision & Mission Statements


Be the global leader in producing, distributing and customizing the best Internet education and training solutions.


Use Internet-based methods to provide solutions to enhance individual skills and competencies.

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