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Our comprehensive educational and training programs, courses and services help the construction and trucking industry benefit from the global phenomenon of technology-assisted instruction allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. We work closely with our founding institutions, industry connections and an international network to devise the best education and training solutions, which extend the reach of a company’s employees, and provide them with industry specific skills and competencies.

Content partners, such as Universidad Virtual (Virtual University), AACE International, and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) offer expertise and resources to quickly launch new online programs. Corporate partners, such as Arizona State University, Technológico de Monterrey, Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE), and the Salt River Project (SRP) are experts in providing solutions for logistical hurdles and providing the support necessary to do so.

constructNET recognizes the advantage of leveraging the experience and knowledge of our partners in order to bring the most comprehensive construction educational opportunities worldwide—which allows to bring the following to the table.

  • Provide industry specific training and educational resources so that company’s worldwide can develop a skilled and competent workforce.
  • Partner with industry leaders and prominent associations who are already providing quality education and training programs.
  • Design, develop and deliver online and classroom-based industry specific education and training products internationally and to varying linguistic backgrounds. This allows for the general professional development, customized corporate programs and accredited certificate and degree programs.
  • Establish a consistently high-quality, industry-driven delivery system that includes comprehensive online and classroom-based product and service lines.

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At, constructNET, we appreciate your interest in learning more about our programs, courses, services and products and invite you to reach out to us by calling us at
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or emailing us at If you are interested in learning more information in regards to one of our many partners, please be sure to explore our content partners, and corporate partner’s pages.

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