What is Course Development?

Course development is the design of a new course or the revision of an existing one. By designing or revising the course of your choosing, you can focus on what you really want your students or employees to learn, and instruct them on what they should do with that learning at the end of the course.

Course Development Process

At, constructNET International, Inc. we have over 90 dedicated instructional designers that possess extensive experience designing and/or revising online courses and programs for clients all over the world. In addition, we have web designers and education specialists, who will take you through a needs assessment and provide you with the best solution to your online training challenges.

With all course development and revision we assure that each program represented by our company, results in an outcome appropriate to the rigors and breadth of the construction and/or trucking industry. This includes ensuring the course is coherent and complete, and that such programs include the general requirement set forth by the aforementioned industries as well as meet any state requirements.

Once a developing course has been approved for distance learning, we initiate the following process, which includes designing and customizing it prior to delivering the course to your students. Our process includes:

  • Step 1 – Performing a general needs assessment
  • Step 2 – Writing the course’s goals and objectives
  • Step 3 – Choosing the best educational content and methods
  • Step 4 – Implementing the course to students around the world
  • Step 5 – Evaluating the course and receiving feedback

Contact Us

constructNET manages many different online construction related educational programs, and with that comes a wealth of knowledge and resources to create engaging distance learning courses and programs, which target each individual student’s success.

For more information on how to develop a course or program through constructNET International, Inc., please feel free to contact us at
Office: 480.386.5348
Fax: 480.207.5801
or custservice@constructnetonline.com.

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