Customized Training for Industry Professionals

Onsite training, educational training – it all adds up to a better trained workforce, increases productivity and a competitive edge on the competition. If you’re looking to train and educate your employees, constructNET International, Inc. makes it easy and convenient.

We'll provide assistance and coordination to your business, regardless of language, target audience, location or other hurdle, by customizing any of our existing courses or programs to meet your business’s specialized needs. Our professional consultants, designers and instructional staff will support you in finding the right training solution.

Customized training supplies your business with the flexibility to train your staff onsite at the location of your choosing, or online at the student’s convenience anywhere in the world. This service in turn can reduce employee turnover and increase productivity, therefore saving you money and allowing your business to succeed.

Certification Training for Industry Associations

In addition to our customized training, we at constructNET, provide Certified Training for Industry Associations. This service allows your employees to become certified experts in any given industry thereby empowering and encouraging a culture of safety within your company. This helps you protect employees, prevent accidents, lower costs, improve morale, and increase production.

Custom & Certified Training Processes

Step 1 – Needs Assessment: Through our comprehensive discussion with you regarding your business, we are able to clarify learning objectives, which results in an effective customized training program.

Step 2 – Delivery: Our instructors employ industry specific that produce optimal educational outcomes. Our dedicated team provides exceptional customer and technical support so that all of your needs and expectations are met.

Step 3 – Evaluation: Because your specific employee’s development drives this program, we evaluate each student’s learning against your expectations, which allows us to ensure that the training effectively met your needs.


At, constructNET, we are committed to ensuring you receive the best quality training services! For more information on what you can expect from our customized, or certification training programs/services, please feel free to contact us at
Office: 480.386.5348
Fax: 480.207.5801

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